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Deadicated to the Eflite Blade 120 SR, mods, lights, etc.
103 7 27 11
06:03 AM
This is a group for the freaks in the Raleigh area
16 7 65 0
10:12 PM
The phoenix dies in the flames only to be reborn in the ash. Ok, with the new Phoenix Creator there has been an explosion of new custom flying sites form people with vastly more patience, talent and free time :) then myself, and it is getting difficult for people to keep track of them all. here is a thread about the Creator so you to can start making custom flying sites. If we want this to work for online play everyone should be putting the custom scenery into ...My Documents \ PhoenixRC \ Flying Sites
395 7 118 6
08:40 PM
Are you in Colorado? If so, join in! We can use this to talk about local happenings in Colorado.
43 7 45 0
11:11 PM
14 6 19 0
09:18 PM
Locals interested in flying within the area... Send PM to join.
18 6 1,326 22
Calling all Georgia pilots! Heres a place to meet and talk about your journey as a R/C Heli pilot. Also we want to organize mini meets and funflys! Come join the fun!
18 6 26 5
08:26 PM
The 'about to be released' Blade 450
63 6 13 0
This is a just a area for Akron area friends to meet, discuss, and plan trips to the field. No rules, No restrictions, just a place to 'hover' around!
12 6 26 1
A place for Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Residents who fly electric heli's, to gather and enjoy conversation online and offline including flying at local parks, sanctioned flying fields and chatting about electric heli's at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants here locally in the Greater Cincinnati area. Welcome to anyone in the area flying a small fixed pitch to a 700+ size collective electric RC Helicopter to share thoughts, opinions, flying sites and just have fun!
13 6 23 5
09:14 PM
What's happening in the Portland Metro area.
30 6 30 2
11:54 PM
Fly RC helis? Live in CT? Perfect!
28 6 28 8
09:26 PM
For members of the Virginia Radio Controlled Helicopter Association
20 6 1,865 26
A group for San Diego area helicopter pilots. Discuss flying-fields, fun-fly's, local hobby shops and anything else in and around San Diego.
80 6 451 31
12:16 AM
A place for all rotorheads from AZ.
70 6 329 9
03:54 PM
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