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HeliFreak Social Groups
A growing bunch of like-minded heli flyers who fly together every chance they get at our "Field of Screams" in Damascus, Oregon. We are a no-drama group of pilots who are genuinely committed to helping our members advance their flying skills, make sure their birds are set up optimally and have as much fun as they possibly can as they beat the air into submission. AMA Chartered Club #5060
101 1,394 12,894 422
11:31 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Northern Virginia Rotary. A group of RC pilots who fly in the Washington DC metro area See the Library thread for general info
142 23 11,528 178
06:15 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
This group is for central San Joaquin Valley California.
71 149 3,562 614
03:50 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
For members of the Virginia Radio Controlled Helicopter Association
20 6 1,865 26
HeliFreak Social Groups
Locals interested in flying within the area... Send PM to join.
18 6 1,326 22
HeliFreak Social Groups
Team lighting 3D Heli
10 225 1,307 35
HeliFreak Social Groups
This is for the people not afraid to slam a heli into the dirt! Started in Manchester, CT
30 38 987 133
09:55 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A place to socialize where topics do not matter, can wander at will. Heli or non-heli, its all good here at the SR Water Cooler.
40 45 624 13
11:46 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Team LPS "Last Pack Syndrome" come on.....its just one more pack....what could happen?
18 1 530 38
12:05 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A group of heli buddies that discuss the colorations of their underwear after a heli incident. The bigger the crash the darker the stripe.
6 2 488 32
HeliFreak Social Groups
A group for San Diego area helicopter pilots. Discuss flying-fields, fun-fly's, local hobby shops and anything else in and around San Diego.
80 6 451 31
12:16 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
This is a members ONLY discussion so we can stick to the topic of our funfly
4 13 414 0
HeliFreak Social Groups
New Heli Club In New York! OCRCHC Hi we are a group of RC Helicopter enthusiasts who live in Orange County, New York and we have just starting up a local Heli club. Our name is Orange County Radio Control Helicopter Club OCRCHC. We will be having regular monthly meetings and weekly scheduled flying. Our mission is to further our flying skills, increase our knowledge base, foster good safety skills,and to promote the hobby in a good and positive way, and to have some great fun! It dosen't matter what skill level you are at or how big your heli is! What matters is how committed you are to flying, to the hobby and to our club! If anyone is interested in joining our group please contact us for more information. Just send us an e-mail at or send me a PM or make a post! Lets get together and have some fun!
21 4 392 47
09:08 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
RC Helicopter Club in Northern Virginia (Gainesville area) AMA Chartered and insurred. Check out our website; and join our club. Many club benefits; field open 7 days a week year round, members discounts on Align, Futaba and Cool Power and many more brands... great group for beginners and experianced alike.
16 2 335 8
HeliFreak Social Groups
A place for all rotorheads from AZ.
70 6 329 9
03:54 PM
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