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leaning high needle for spool up?
That sounds very odd, seeing as the high needle is doing nothing at low rpm.

On mine I just leaned the low needle until it would idle properly without dying.
Still does not transition onto the mid needle very smoothly.
If I try and push through it with throttle, it will sometimes cough and die.

How new is your engine?
The motor is quite tight when new, so you will be able to slowly richen the idle needle bit by bit as you get more fuel through it.

Mine did fly on the recommended mid and high needle settings, but it was only good for slow FF and hovering for break in.

As helimik said, stock setting are VERY rich.

Buy yourself a temp gun, it helps a lot to see whats going on.
I use mine all the time to check high needle settings for a day of 3d.

Any other questions, ask away, and I will help if I can.

I have about 5 gallons on mine now, in a Trex 700N, using the Novarossi pipe.
If you bling it, they will come!!
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