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Lightbulb The HeliPort support thread

Welcome to the HeliPort support thread.

We intend to create a versatile and portable, digital toolkit for r/c helis, named "HeliPort". Feel free to post any questions you like about the use, development, future releases, bugs or any other subject related to this piece of software.

Ber60, Tjomp, Sutty and myself will be glad to answer your questions. Please read the help screens in HeliPort before posting, they contain information about the use of the individual modules.

Any bug reports, extra information or additional ideas to be used in HeliPort are also greatly appreciated. They will be considered to be added in a later version, which will be announced in this thread.

The latest release and additional information can always be found, and downloaded for free, at

We hope you enjoy this totally free software. If not, we'll try to change it.
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