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Default X5 in Oz. Build thread

With a huge thanks to Jack at Empire Hobby for their terrific effort in
getting a kit sent to Oz. This hobby needs more like him and his teams efforts
in promoting the Gaui name and also helping it's loyal followers.

***** this thread was originally written for the Oz heli forum "Archeli" and therefore i haven't gone into too many details about this and our Hurri's. Please yell out anything you guys want more info on and i will try get the answers*******************

I'll keep re-editing this post as i find better words/more info etc

For now, some pics of the box Very happy chappy today )

A few "What's in the box pics"

I must say that i'm very impressed with the presentation of this. Nicely
fitting sub-boxes all printed with what's inside

The instruction manual was sitting right on top. ie read this first!!
They are trying to take my fun away

First box as according to the destructions.
The frameset and bits nicely slid in with the canopy.

The canopy looks quite good. Sturdy aswell. Will report on that more later as
we go.

The bag bits unlocked.

The CNC work looks quite nice. Very smooth and neat.
I'm not sure about the motor mount.Looks like they stayed the way of the
Hurricane and can be a bit fiddly to set mesh. Requires the mount to be removed to access the bolts for the motor. No biggie,but could have been improved. But i still haven't read the instructions

Putting the frame together was a super simple and very quick affair.Was together in less than half an hour.(with coffee)
Even the wife commented on how quick it was...... something like, you won't have to worry about time after your crashes with this...

The instructions are well written but do need some work. Would be nice if the frame assembly pic was larger and easier to work out were the few different bolts went. Again no biggie as most bolts are M3x 6mm , just 2 are 4mm.
Common sense works and is very easy to see one bolt will go into a bearing if too long.
The instructions seem to bounce around. No real order. If you are up to a certain spot, need to flick through the
manual to find what you are seeking.

Also noticed a little piece of paper in with the bolts. An ammendment to the manual regarding a washer for the lower canopy mounts.
The manual does state on the front cover to download the latest version.

Also in my travels, i noticed that not all bits in frame box are for the frame(as i thought and got concerned when a few screws were left over) and needed to open other boxes to find required bits.Obviously packing requirements have dictated the spread of parts throughout the various boxes.

Pic of cnc bits mounted to one side frame

Pic of landing gear assembly.

The actual legs are the same as the Hurri 550,but now only use one bolt per leg to mount to the lower frame.

I do like the chrome skids and think they will be replacing all my others.To replace the landing gear in the future would just require the removal of 2 bolts and out it comes. I'm really liking the base of this heli.The double carbon keeps it very rigid, there are no tabs etc waiting to break, and from experience, the legs will give way in hard landings lessening the load to the frame.

The manual states to put the landing gear together first, then mount to the main frame. I did for the pics but originally did the lower frame/main frame together and found it less fiddly.

Completed main frame and landing gear about to meet.

To say this frame is thin is an understatement.
It really has been a very low parts count in the frame assembly and it weighs almost nothing

---------- Post added at 12:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:28 AM ----------

Moving on upstairs.

The main gear/ head assembly.

The maingear/tail drive/one-way came preassmbled. 3 screws hold the 61tooth tail drive gear(ex Hurri main gear) onto the sleeve that goes through the one-way bearing.

The main gear has 4 screws that bolt to another housing that holds the one-way.

(pics didn't come out i noticed,so will dismantle again tomorrow and take again)

Main gear/shaft assembly bits. The little washer sits on top of the tail drive gear and under lower mainshaft bearing.Collar on top of upper mainshaft bearing.
Mainshaft is solid,8mm diameter.

Installed in the frame.Trick here is to make sure no up/down movement when tightening the collar

Moving onto the head assembly.
Having been used to the Hurri 550 head and sizing, all i can say is WOW.
The swash on the left is the X5 ,right Hurri 550.
The X5 swash certainly looks the goods and has a nice feel .

All the balls have 1.5mm allen key heads in them and were tight and pre-locitited.

The head came pre-assembleb but i took it apart for check.
The spindle is 6mm, and the dampers are cylinder shaped.
There were "red" dampers installed but i noticed in the packs that there
is a black set. Doesn't mention it in the manual as what's what.
I have left the red in there for the time being.
Also the bolts that hold the blade grips onto the spindle are larger than previously.Everything was tight and loctited.

The spindle on the right is Hurri 550(5mm)

The flybar carrier was next. This was another with the little piece of update paper.(washer installation behind bolt head).
In my previous Gaui builds, i have had issues with bearing quality. These feel terrific and the bearing sit in the headblock.

Flybar cage, washout arms/flybar installed

Looks like Gaui have been watching people's tricks in increasing pitch and avoiding binding. Different to see the flybar visible through the seesaw.

.................................................. .

more installments tomorrow eve
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