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Tonight's been a bit slow Have two ladies here with the flu and they are making sure that they get the attention before the X5. It's a conspiracy i tell you but i know what's good for me.

Anyways, again we see Gaui using the solid plastic double links. Two sizes. A 30 and a 35. Some people i've come across don't like the double link and say they prefer adjustable ones to help get the setup correct.
In my opinion they are great. One less variable to worry about and if you need adjustment in these areas, hate to say but you would have an issue somewhere else that is causing it.

I do like that Gaui include a spare link of each size, spare rods and ball links,guide, bolt.

The servos chosen for this build are the BLS451/251 combo. Included in the kit are 3 servo horns(luckily futaba spline), balls,nuts and bolts and assorted little spacers to get the balls spaced correctly.
Also carbon servo retaining plates.The top plates extend out.I'm guessing for a little added protection and to keep the canopy away from the servo horn.
I've never been a fan of servos out in the open and have looked at possible crash damage. The aileron/pitch servos are fairly well hidden. The elevator and tail are fully extruded. Looking at it closely though, it really would have to be the perfect angle and a few things bent(ie really really hard stack) for them to see damage. One of those we'll have to see things.

Onto motor/esc next...... need power ..
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