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Hi Torana74

Awesome thread dude! Great pics, my X5 arrives on Monday, so these pics will be a great help with my build.

Sorry I cannot answer your question about BEC ampage, but I know a man who will. Damien (AKA - eDek) is the man to answer this question. Hopefully he will be along to advise the ampage or drop him a PM.

I need some help bro, I cannot decide on what servos to use in my X5. Can you please take a look at what I have got in mind and comment on each one. I am no 3D pilot, and when I do eventually get round to doing 3D it will most likely be some mild stuff. (The X5 was somewhat of an overkill purchase for my skill level - but hey its an AWESOME heli and look forward to receiving it.)

Without breaking the bank balance any further, the servos i have in mind are the following:

(Ideal price range but, will it fit, dimension is: 35.5mm x 15mm x 28.6mm)

(A little slow??)

(A little rich for my flavour but if I have to......)

(I am not a very big fan of Align, however, if I really have to.......)

I am open to any other suggestions dude, just nothing over the 45 price range.

Thanks in advance.


PS, keep them awesome pics comin!
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