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Default Power Systems - Discussion

We have come to the time where many more are pushing up the power levels.

I think it would be helpful for the support team to make a sticky up top for a thread detailing what setups are in use and how they perform.

I know Will is playing with neu motors, Ticidy is pioneering in this area as well.

It wont be long until the forum is swamped with questions about what goes with what. Lets make a list for all to see.

back in september 06 i was running a 1515 (1100kv) neu motor on 10s with a Castle HV 85 (10t pinion). Power was adequate (as rolls royce would say) :twisted: :twisted:

I have since swapped to 1512 (1400kv) and 8s with a MGM comm pro 60-10-32 esc and a 11t stright pinion. I have been running this for a few months and power is good and weight is nice.
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