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Because I'm a bit late to the party...... I'm still having a little trouble getting my head around my SK720 wiring plan. I have gone over the manuals as well as the schematics on the Wlki page which, gave me a better understanding. I do want to use the bus by design to lessen the vibration and not really concerned about the wiring because I'll clean that up with mesh.

I'm going to run a Tango 45-10 / JAZZ 55-10-32 / CC10 BEC
Swash Servos: Hyperion DS20XSMD Coreless Digital
Tail Servo: Futaba S9254
FASST R608HS or R6014HS

What I'm confused about is the use of a BEC on the BUS. Do you add another male plug end the the BEC and connect to the HV/LV sides. However; this is only neccessary if the setup requires different servo voltage for swash and tail servo correct?

Or do I just use a 4.8 battery on the BUS, connect the LV/HV jumper wire to power all the servos? Or wire a BEC to power the BUS +- and use a deans for a higher capacity type battery connection?
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