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Sounds like a hypocritical rant to me.

Let's see. Someone buys an item, uses it, then decides to sell it. In this economy that equates to 50% of new no matter how little it has been used.

So on a $100 item, you are now getting $50 for it as the seller.
So not only is he losing $50, he will probly end up paying shipping, and you are complaining about paying a 3% fee to cover someone taking YOUR paypal payment so you can get the item sooner?

This is how I see it. Postal money order for a purchase $1 to $3 + shipping. Waiting a week for it to arrive, then having to wait another week for it to clear (that's how my bank works). So you are looking at upwards of $4 and atleast a week before your item will even SHIP just so you don't have to pay the paypal fee (I won't accept paypal unless buyer pays the fee, as it is a convenience to THEM the buyer).

Or you pay the paypal fee (after all, it is a convenience to the buyer), you item gets shipped almost immediately and you get to use your purchase sooner.

I would rather pay the paypal fee!
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