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So with some of the box shots out of the way.. Let's start exploring the insides shall we?

Here I've just opened the top of the box. As you can see it's nicely presented and the contents seem to be packed well.

A nice added touch to the kit is the included "Miniature Aircraft" Build Towel, AKA Crying towel This seem to feel good quality and will come in handy when cleaning the machine

Once the towel has been removed we can reveal the manual, and no doubt under the manual there's more of the hardware bags,

So, Let's move the box out the way, and get onto looking at the indivisual hardware.

So, When we opened the box we saw the towel and manual on top, Along with the side frames on top of packaged box:

Here, We can see the boom in it's package, There's some loose bits that rattle around.. But that will be the tail linkage rod.

Instead of taking each picture of the hardware bags, I decided to line them up and take a picture here:

All are labeled accordingly, as you go trough the manual you will need to also open the correct bag.

So, That's the core hardware extracted and looked at.. I must say, The quality looks amazing.. just by looking you can tell they have put effort into making a quality machine..

Hmm.. I wonder what is in the box I mentioned above? WATCH THIS SPACE to find out in the next section
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