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Man i have to admit, I thought for sure Outrage would be releasing the Fusion 90e for summer time...looks like that is a long shot. I think at this point the Gaui X7 might be my choice for a 90e if i want one this summer, and will just wait for the Fusion 90. I really love Outrage but its really been way too long since I first heard about this model. The news of Charley leaving....not that i know him from Adam but having heard he was a key designer, his leaving cant be good, add the parts availability issues with the 550 and it really is starting to paint a shaky picture for me. I mean people have been begging for this heli ..and yet they released the Fusion 50 first. I thing the Fusion 50 is nice but i think more people want a new 90 electric than another 50 electric. I want a Fusion 50 but only to fly it as a 550 though.

Most people i talk to are planning on or waiting to build a 90e...but they want to do it this year....and instead of getting F90's they will either get 700e, X7, 7HV or maybe the new Mikado if its priced right.
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