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So far I have had the opportunity to try 3 ets of blades on my newish 450 pro 3GX. First I have to say, I am really liking this heli, the FBl makes it fly that much bigger!

Up to no I have tried a set of Align 3Gs, a set of Thunder Powers and a set of Edge FBL blades.

I was pretty impressed w/ the 3G blades, but the TPs fly better. The differences I was able to perceive were, though the blades are a bit slower on the cyclics, they allow more crisp cyclic pitch changes. This made for tighter tic-tocs, which actually made the heli feel a bit more "floaty". There is also a bit more disc area w/ these blades, so that could contribute to a floatier feel as well. Additionally, the heli changes collective pitch in a crisper manner. The heli actually flies really well with these blades. I was concerned that some bad tendencies might be induced with non FBL blades like bobbling, pitching up in forward flight, but so far, I have not encountered any negative tendencies from these blades.

I also had the opportunityto borrow a set of Edge FBL blades and so far, these blades offer the best combination of stability, response and they just fly locked in. They are not as stiff as the TPs, so they offer a VERY smooth flight envelope. Perfect for anyone working on technical 3D or anyone just ripping around.

Personally, my TPs are what I'll continue to fly as they offer the most agressive, snappy, snarley flight characteristics.

I plan to try the Mavrikk G5 FBL soon and will repot my findings.
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