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Default Chameleon Blades

OK, I have finally had a chance to test out the Chameleon blades. These are my findings.

Quality/Appearance- I had received two different sets of 325mm Chameleon blades. One pair with the Chameleon reflective decals and one pair without. The pair with the decals had a few issues I didn't feel comfortable with, so I did not fly them. There were a couple of spots on one blade where the laminating and finishing job was just terrible. The spot on the tip was so bad, you can actually look into the void. The root area on both sets of blades were pretty rough, I had to do some sanding and finishing to make it nice and smooth.

Balance- The pair without the decals actually came out of the package nice and balanced. I checked the balance by weighing them on the scale, then checked for symmetry of center of gravity, then finally on the blade balancer. Kudos in that department. I did not check the pair with the decals because I was not going to be flying them.

Performance- I have been flying the Sonix and Align 325D blades for sometime now, so these are the blades I'm comparing the Chameleons to. The Chameleons flew good, perfect for flying circuits and basic flying. But once I tried to make some more aggresive moves, it just felt heavy and sluggish. It did not have the pop or snap I've been used.

So in conclusion, these Chameleon blades flew ok. Good for sport flying and mild 3D, but may be difficult with anything more aggresive. So at $17.99 for these blades, the price might have been catchy about a year ago. But now with the price of Align blades coming in at around $18, my vote goes to the Align or Sonix if you can find them still.
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