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Originally Posted by ronzer View Post
Servo keeps going out? I have a trex 450 and I had a bad crash and now I keep burning out Aileron servos, I have tried two now one was a new 65mg the other was a 65hb, Can anybody till me why the same servo keeps going out? I have a servo tester and before I put in heil they work great and in the heli they work for five minutes and twitch a little and then quite working.
Can this be the ESC or Rx?
In all probability the crash also effected control linkage which is either jamming or not permitting the servo to travel the full distance as demanded by the TX. (same hole on servo arm used? and was servo positioned with trim set at neutral on the TX before the arm was re-attached to servo?
Any servo, especially digital irrespective of model or brand, asked to hold a position it can not achieve, caused by excessive EPA or binding linkages etc will experience heat build-up and could fail within moments.

Digital Servo - Why They Burnout may assist

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