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Originally Posted by f.a.r.m.e.r View Post
Here go leo

This thing is to much fun

It has to much damn potential, im wrapping up the electronics for my fpv mqx hope I can get it done today/night

Mine has tons of power I beat down my genuis with it



Poor could have used some dead weight or something instead of him what did he do to you???? Bad enough you drag him around on a string then you slam him into a cactus??? Come on bro he doesn't deserve that!!!

That is alot of weight there what about 50g? The FPV stuff I have been checking out is around 10g or less. Well at least the part that you mount to the heli is anyway. I think you proved there that the Q will have no problem in its stock form carrying around a little bit of extra weight.

Oh and you are gonna show us how to set up a FPV setup for it when you are done?

Great I am sure that will be another $200 bucks

Guess I will just start figuring out the story to tell the wife now lol

Awesome vid bud thanks for sharing!
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