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How to paint? Buy rattle cans and start to practice. I had a few plastic "milk jug type" 450 canopies for 80cents a pop. I put this design on that first to see how it is to fly it and how the two colors mixed. Stay with the same brand paint!!!!

To my hurri canopy: take your time to cut it out and start gluing from the nose first.. Do small potions at a time and let cure in between with pressure on (watched movie while pressing my thumbs on it). I made strips from the excess and reinforced the seem from the inside.
Fill up the seem, sand smooth with fine sandpaper. Start with the light color. Spray a light coat, let dry for a few minutes, repeat until nice. Mask with tape you know will seal but not ripp off your paint, spray darker color in a few layers. Remove masking tape when still slightly wet. Let cure completely and add ~5 layers of automotive high gloss clear coat you know wont bubble or eat up you paint.. It ended up not so shiny with me so the last layer of clear i put on was from very up close and a thick layer, just not starting to drip. that gave it its gloss. Finished off the not so nice edge between the colors with a roll of aluminum like reflective tape from a "home depot" store. (department floors)
Finally gave it a nice wax with carwax (main blades also)

Alternative is: grab CC and buy a nice canopy online
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