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You'll hear lots of opinions about which fbl system is best. They all have their strengths and weaknesses but I don't really think there's a bad unit to be had. I've been flying vbar since version 3.13 (I think), roughly 2006. I am most familiar with vbar so naturally that's my preference. I did fly 3G briefly but not enough to offer quality feedback though I am certain that it can be setup to fly perfectly well.

There is a learning curve but it is not so steep that a noob can't get hooked in with relative ease. I highly suggest that you read up on the system you choose. There are usually some tricks to getting the most out of each system. Also, there is no substitute for local support, especially when you're having some difficulty. You might struggle endlessly with an issue that any fbl veteran could solve in seconds.

One possible benefit of vbar is that it is probably the best supported system both in terms of factory and fellow users. vbar was the first and still accounts for the majority of the fbl market. It's fairly easy to transact directly with a designer on or any of the countless users here on HF. Notice that I'm not saying its the best. You should choose for yourself based on your criteria.
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