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I got all the metric drill bits and taps. . .
All imported from Germany.

First I didn't know, how Kontronik does it, because the bearing usually sits right on top of the holding tube inside the stator. And there is no room for a screw head.
But then I saw a pic. The Pyro holding tube extends through the whole stator and the bearing sits right inside.
The screw works as twist-lock and the head secures also the bearing.
In case of the 700-MX, that wouldn't work, so I have to take a pin or a grub screw.
I still don't know, if I should exchange the shaft once I am on it, to a Scorpion shaft.
Easier to remove and reinstall.
With the Align shaft it is tough to adjust the play. . . and I would like to see a shim underneath the bottom bearing, where the inner race sits right on the aluminum.
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