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Originally Posted by Stolla View Post
Question to you Ralph, i want to rewind my mx for efp(extended flight project) TDR. Since i'm going to use the jive, how much lower will the kv have to be than the normal 510 or so to show a marked improvement in flight times all factors being equal. I'm a little concerned if i go for let's say 450 kv the difference is marginal and can be offset by the ability of the jive to run partial throttle on the 510 rather.
I'm asking for a "gut feel" opinion i know you are a master at formulas and such but since i have no real specs i'm in the dark. I took notice of the stronger magnets for bringing kv down but too inaccessible to consider at this point. Thinnest wire i have is 1.12, is it worth it to go 1.12 max wire i can fit in the slots?
Hi Hermann, the stator of 700 MX have a big space into the slot for chopper wire.... with 1.12 cable probably is easy to drop the Kv under the 380-400 Kv.
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