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I'm currently split between the 2 too. Have a Logo 600 currently but used to owned Logo 400 and 500 previously. Sold both away but sort of regretted it.

Frankly logo really flies well, low parts counts and its really very low in maintenance.

However I really cannot make up my mind bcos of the many good feedback I read about and the YouTube videos of the gaui X5. The X5 comes in a super combo that includes all but receiver and lipos. The initial investment is much lower as compared to the logo 500. Nowadays the pricing of logo 500 as compared to logo 600 is really close. Check out the Logo 600 combos offered by makes me wonder whether I should just buy another logo 600 instead of the 500.

Sorry for the babbling, its just that I have been struggling with this decision for quite a while.

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