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Originally Posted by skunkworx View Post
I would put in the tip about CA'ing the tail box to prevent it from adding to the fish wallow phenominon. On my Atom, the screws are so small and typically don't punch through the boom very well (or strip out) so the tail case ended up being wobbly (usually up and down movement around the pivot point of the screws). Just take a couple drops of medium CA around the crevice at the front of the case and it will hold it nice and tight so the load isn't entirely placed on the screws. When you go to fix or repair/replace anything on the tail, the CA will break off with a light tap or twist of the boom. Scratch off the residue and re-apply as needed. Works like a charm!!!
Gonna do that as I do I hope the final preflight on this thing..... good idea. Gotta say I like this 4011 tape as opposed to the stock MB stuff, it is like a rock on there now....
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