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Default Tuff so far What about cx2 front fuselage?

I have made some very hard landings with the gear mod now and I have to say that it is a world of difference versus the stock set up. I am sure I would have broken several stock landing gears in the last two days. I have hit the ground pretty hard and it has just bounced right back up like it has a suspension. It is nice to be able to fly the heli without worrying about the gear breaking all of the time. I still want to get the boom kit and the open body set up like the others are doing. I really do not like the CX3 body at all. way too much trouble to take of versus the CX2.

Can I just put the front CX2 fuselage on the CX3 along with the boom kit ? What will it take to do so ? Do I just need to get the pair of stock CX2 mounting rods with gromments? Will that do it ?
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