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Originally Posted by Luvmyhelis View Post
I use the cheap little 250 canopies from HK. I actually just bought a fusano for one I am building for a guy. And the link for the pics of the Cx with canopy are here. Post 697. I have a fleet of these things and everyone is different. Even dual swash and dual swash flybarless brushless versions. My favorite boom upgrade is the Xtreme boom mount using a simple CF rod inside the boom mount after I cut off the exterior boom mount tabs. Then I use either 450 cf stabs or 250 cf stabs depending on whether it is for outside flying or inside.
Post 622, xtreme boom mod on a dual swash brushless Cx3
Is it Carbon fiber rod or tubing ? Where can a guy get that when his LHS does not carry?What size is it ? Will this work for boom ? Edit. I called Jamie at BTH and he only has one of the Extreme tail boom adapters and I need three. He did not seem too excited about getting some more in as he said no one is buying them. I just need the boom adapter and the rod as I have the tail fins and such already. The search goes on I guess. I need to set up 3 birds this way so I am looking to get 3 each.
,SR ,mCPx, Trex 450 Pro, Sport, and SE V2, Pair of Trex 600esp's.DX7 & Dx6i. My head is set up proper. I have seen all of the videos.

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