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Hey Guys,
Sorry but i don't want the my question gets lost!

I need to get some help with setting up the headspeed.
I have the stock 15T pinion, the 3400kV motor the beastx and the YGE 30A.
My throttle curve is now at max 85%. (0-50-62-73-85 and 85-80-75-80-85)

I want to set the head speed to about 3800 to 3900 RPM.
Could you explain to me how I can realize this?
How can I use the gov mode of the YGE?
It would be great if you could help me out with this.
Thanks in advance.
***Blade MSR***
Gaui X2 FES / MicroBeast / YGE-30A / DS95i / DS11AMB / HSC upgrades / CNC tail support***

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