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What FBL controller you use?
Anyhow if you want to set up the Gov in YGE, and if you don't have the prog card (like me) you can do it by entering the programming mode as per the RC setup document (find at the download section of website). There is a simple procedure and the document gives quite clear instructions.

However the gov in YGE will change the way you program your curves in the TX and you need to have flat curves. The imput is a % of max speed you want (or is it power?). They say it should be between 60 and 90%. That is the gov will try to maintain the % of the max you give it as input. But to know how this translate to real head speed you need a tach (they are about 15USD at hobbyking, not huge precision but gives a good idear of what headspeed you run).

There are FBL controllers or external governors that use their own sensors to actually measure rpm usually directly from the motor by soldering the sensor to one wire, but after that you need to convert that to real head speed by calculating the gear ratio.

Whatever technique you use, it's a nice investment to make to buy a tach. It's gonna be usefull.

Of course the head speed will have a huge impact on fligh performance, but good FBL controllers might actually help keeping the heli steady even at high head speeds. I would say that to begin with you could use low head speed, like enough to keep you heli in the air. Increasing the HeadSpeed will make things happen faster.

Did that help?
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