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Thanks eightythree,

I don't have my plans all laid-out yet, as funds are very tight for me and my family right now, but I'm hoping to get working on the Aluminum Tail Slider Crank (as Aptar is hoping for) and some other ideas I'll think you'll like that I don't want to disclose quite yet. I'll keep you posted as best I can and keep watching the website, I'll keep that updated on a regular basis with progress.

BarnOwl - I actually think it will minimize the damage to the frame, as the aluminum will support the shock and prevent flexing of the carbon frames, which causes the breakage. In the event of a crash, the stock plastic frame flexes tremendously and provides no support to the carbon structure, which quickly causes the carbon to shatter. Carbon-fiber weave is very good in symetric and smooth loading, but is horrible in sudden shock-type impacts, which shatters the epoxy within the carbon lay-up and results in cracks and breakage. Of course, if you put it in hard enough, things could still break and that's why I wanted to offer a crash-replacement program. On the other hand, in my own experience and multiple hard crashes with the frame I've had installed for over a year, I've had no damage to the frames and electronics tucked inside for protection. Also, to prevent breaking the landing gear as well, you can use nylon screws in this design to secure the landing gear, which will shear off in the event of a crash and prevent further damage.

I hope this helps!
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