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Default Should I replace the motor?

Hi Folks,
My MCPX has been randomly going into power saver/shut down mode as if the battery is running flat. I am pretty sure my batteries are OK as they are pretty new it seems to happen with any of them.

It just slows down over a 2 or 3 seconds until it falls out the air with the rotors almost stopped. It seems to do this pretty randomly but perhaps it does it more after some demanding pitch inputs for fast climbs ect I can't pin it down to any flight inputs/flight mode.

It feels like it is really underpowered now too, I am sure it was much nippier when it was new but perhaps my beautiful MCPX-BL is spoiling me :-)

It has been cold recent but it has cut out with warm batteries (kept in pocket) and cold ones and cut out in both conditions. I don't think its temperature related really but it might be.

After it lands, I can spool up again and fly for another minute or two sometimes so I don't think the cells are running flat.

I have flown the heck out of this MCPX with perhaps 200 flights so I wouldn't be surprised if the motor is worn out.


I am wondering what is wrong with it, could the bearings be worn causing overheating/tightening up in flight? Do the brushes wear or do you get carbon build up or do the magnets get less magnetic?

I re-soldered the battery lead to the main board too as I have read that bad connections there can cause random spool down/power saver didn't help.

Would changing the motor possibly fix it or could it be the 3-in-1 board or something else like a split main shaft/ damaged/worn main shaft bearings/swash bearings or a bad tail motor perhaps?
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It sounds like its most likely the main motor i got about fifty flights out of my stock motor. Before going brushless
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Hi two-six,

I should have a spare main motor lying about somewhere thats had very little use. Let me know if you're interested and I'll have a dig around as I've been away for the last year.
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mCP X Blade Micro CPx Helicopters Information and Help

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