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X7 Discussion and support of the Gaui X7

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Excellent read guys, good job with the research and testing!

Just to confirm, I am OK with the setup below, using an RX pack and AR7200BX?

Savox 2271 & 2272 into the AR7200BX. 2S LiPo 1800mAh 65C directly into the AR7200BX through two open ports.

It sounds like using the RX pack is safe, I could add a DC-UP there if necessary. I guess my concern is with the power bus through the AR7200BX, is it adequate to support the servos, or should I add something like the Skookum power bus?
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Good to go. The issue isn't passing the current through the wires, the issue is that the regulator can't handle the amp spikes, the DC-UP fixes that.

In your case, you are using a real battery, so no regulator or DC-UP is required.

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Old 02-21-2014, 07:06 AM   #203
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Hi, The Align BL 700H are Savox sb-2271sg re-branded,

Frecuency of the servo?

200hz as seen in Beastx website


250-333hz as seen in the Savox website

I have a problem with this servos with the IKON

Thanks in advance
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Has anyone tested with a Jeti Mezon 130?
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I had a similar problem with Savox 2274 at 350oz torque. At fast inputs it would studder as they were drawing too much. I put a multimeter through a tm1000 on my setup just to check and the servos would drop to 4.8-5.0v. To fix it I switched to the SG Reactor HVX which regulates a 3s down and with it I have not had an issue. The 3s really leaves a lot of possible backup power to your servos plus 25amps. It is a little expensive though:
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2s through a sk540 no issues
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X7 Discussion and support of the Gaui X7

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