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Default Tracking problem.......

Hi everyone this hobby just keeps confusing me.....
Ive got a belt cp v2, i set my zero pitch at mid stick, hover pitch middle as per instructions, i then tracked my blades adjusting one blade a turn on long link to get tracked. i then removed my blades to set gov store, blades off at 4V per cell did what it should. Then when i put my blades back on i throttle up and what the hell my blade track is miles apart!!!! Whats going on...blades went back in the same place they are coloured to go in the same place. I measure the pitch of the blades and there is now a 3 degree difference at bottom on the stick....Whats changed.....Very confused been chasing my tail all arvo....tried changing the dampners.. Have i got some setup wrong somewhere as throttle increases one blade just seems to climb above the other when looking at track....
Would really appreciate some help.
Im using stock esky radio, with a yge esc and 4400kv motor.
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My blades have been balanced also, weight and COG.
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blades that go in and out of track severe is usually bent spindle or feathering shaft, and/or bent mainshaft, crappy wooden blades that constantly swell and contracting...sometimes even linkages that are just flexing to much that connect to the blade grips..

there could be other reasons as well... these are just the major culprits... ive seen head blocks that arent drilled correctly causing issues as well... just lots of things to check till u figure it out
Dave "wingtip" Townsend
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I just want to share my experience. I used to have tracking problem with wood and fiber glass blades. Only carbon blade works. I didn't have any crash. I did try replacing parts, but doesn't work. Then I use Trueblood dampener for 450 v1. My problem gone.
I can just use my carbon blades but I have several pair or wooden blades I want to use.

Recently I have a crash because of failing elevator servo. My wood blade gone. I use other wood blade and give me tracking problem. I still use Trueblood dampener, but this time I suspect the blade is not good. It might be deform or else, because it's a 2 year old blade. I keep all my blades hanging.
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Default Shrink wrap

Hi Guys,

On some of my wood blades although the covering looked OK, it was actually loose and would expand under lift causing tracking problems. Try using a hair dryer on the blades to tighten it up. This is especially necessary for the eBay woodies.

Also, the esky heads and ebay esky style metal heads are notorious for tracking problems. I finally solved ALL my tracking problems by going flybarless! Better blades also help. Splurge for some $12 carbons!

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