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Belt CP E-Sky Belt CP

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Looking at the wreck vid;

It's coming back, and then the motors, just die?
I was listening for a motor over speed, like it had a loose prop. I never heard it.
It looks like it was correcting right aileron when it happened. Was that you cutting the throttle?
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No, throttle was just above mid stick, a slow descent normally at worst, but it was in RTH mode at the time. The rotation started immediately that I flicked my flight mode switch back to stabalise mode.

The only way to abort an automated RTH is to change modes, from the one you were in when it was invoked, so I just switched to stabalise mode, and instead of moderate throttle the motors just cut out and over it went. They were completely stopped by the time it hit the ground, as I could see the props not moving during the last inverted part.

I've done it a few times before, even from a fence invoked RTH, so go figure!

To answer your question in the other thread, I haven't checked yet, but will have a poke around tomorrow evening to see if anyone has experienced anything similar.

No biggie now, as it is all fully working again, but a lot of effort to put it back together, especially with the gimbal. It has to be very precisely balanced to function correctly, but fortunately I managed to get it right in the end. Just tilted off by about 5 degrees from square caused the camera to roll completely on its back as a result of the weight shift.

Anyway, all is well now, apart from not knowing if the glitch will get me again in the future, lol.

It's all fun.

Off to bed now to dream of actually doing a long flight at some point.


Regards, Sutty
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Belt CP E-Sky Belt CP

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